About Us

Established in July 1995 as one of the first innovative, integrated services operating in South Australia, the McKay Children's Centre offers child care, kindergarten, out of school hours care and playgroup. The centre derives its name from the site of the previous community owned kindergarten, which was a bequest from the McKay family in 1965.

Children are encouraged to play and learn freely in a safe and supervised environment and are able to spend time with their siblings within the extended service. We aim to prepare children for life to their optimum potential. We provide quality care and education for children which compliments and supports care and learning within the family. Our services work in collaboration to enhance children's learning, support their health and well being and develop within each individual a sense of social justice and an ability to care for themselves, others and the environment.

The current director of McKay Children's Centre is Mrs Jane Childs.

Please visit the Documents page to download further information through our policies.